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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

My back hurts

SO. I am sitting here in my room, my back is hurting from being hunched over at my desk for too long. Although I am tired, and in a bit of discomfort, my mind is still alert, and begging to share some of its thoughts.

But what are thoughts? Why does the brain "think"? Certainly coming from a scientific point of view, the brain thinks because it is reacting to the environment, external stimulus. Some might argue the brain does not really think, but only reacts. And why does it perform the way it does? It is able to react and behave in such a complex way because of thousands of years of evolution, from the premodern man, primates.

So what is the point?

The point that I am getting at is this ---

I am like what the hell is religion.

Religion to me


a part of human culture

something that has come from the evolution of the modern human brain

Because our brain is able to form higher order thoughts

Our brain is capable of establishing identity

We humans are aware

We are aware of now, the present, of the past, of death, of life, and ourselves

We have given ourselves names, we are unique and we each are different from any other member of our species.

We set ourselves so high, that we consider ourselves different from the rest of the animal world, and actually the entire physical world.

We have not simply been born, randomly, but

We have been created,

There is a higher power that has designed us in His image.

Yet really? Is this true?

This is religion. The fact that the higher order human has created these concepts of higer power.

Want to hear something that might blow your mind? Yeah?

Aristotle in the 4th CENTURY came up with the idea that humans behave the way they do because of the psyche --- today called mind, but then synonymous with "soul".

Aristotle was the one with the bright idea that this seperate entity resides in the human brain and controls what human does.

And guess what happened many moons later?

The christian church adopted this idea.

Sorry to bust your bubble (its okay - it blew up mine) but no holy deity came down and whispered in someone's ear --- how you humans are different than other creatures walking the earth. You guys have souls.

Nope. This idea was created by a mortal mind ---

And if that whole discussion is not enough to get someone commenting --- I will try to be even more controversial and temper provoking ---

I liked the Lame Deer story. I thought is was interesting. How very different other people can be in their religious practices. To think that they all stemmed from one population of humans a long time ago to diffuse and infuse into the world we now call Earth.


Good night Kiddies, I am hitting the hay.


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