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Monday, January 23, 2006

On Virtues--Spiritual Regret

Religion's main objective is to create virtue. This is why it is so important in a civil society. Where else are people going to learn integrity, morality, right, wrong? This is why religion has remained around for so long. It teaches people how to become the best people they can be (or atleast according to the specific religion followed). However, on creating a new virtue -- "spiritual regret", I do agree that we need a structured plan when learning the differences between religions, and how to handle the knowledge.. but from what I gathered from the text - and correct me if I am wrong - is that there should be no adopting other beliefs. Spiritual regret is the virtue of studying and learning novel and maybe even perfect other religious models, yet refraining from practicing these virtues in our own lives. Why is he suggesting such a thing? Maybe to have solid grounds of assessing differences, without views becomming skewed. A way to think scholarly, objectively. To observe from a distance and take notes. I dont know. What he does say however that particularly peeked my interest was how higher education presents the ability to utilize imagination. That with an intellectual stand, and a little imagination, people can make decisions, and thus new virtues. Hello! Are we talking something new? Could that possibly lead to the formation of a civic religion? A religion in which there is no priests, only scholars? Is this what he is saying? Sounds like a political philospher I know of.


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