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Sunday, February 19, 2006

i spy.

I spy...

I spy a lot of things each day in my life, but who cares about all that?

What does pertain to you reading this is what I spy that has to do with RELIGION.

So I'll tell you.

Lately, I have been noticing religion peeking up in my daily life, my daily activities, and when I say this I mean, my daily surroundings. It is so unbelievable how often the subject or subject matter comes up. It is such a major part of life. Duh, right? Well I always knew this... of course... but really, it is such a major part of the majority of people's lives, in some way or another. It is a major part in my life, I am sure, without even knowing it.

But now I am beginning to realize it.

The other day I was sitting in on the monthly medical ethics committee meeting at Montgomery Hospital that I attend, and I took down some interesting notes I'd like to journal. One of the committee members, a doctor of which I do not remember who, made the remark "We will have to become religious in the way we document". They were referring to death records, and there new policies with hospice care, and drug use. Hmmm interesting use of the word.

The head doctor on this committee then started to tell a story. A story of death, and what the family of the man who was dying experience was. The story was of a family of creole background. They were huddling around an older man who was admitted into the hospital earlier that day, and who was not going to make it. The family was bent over talking to him. One of the doctors made out "it is okay to pass on". That was the only thing that was heard. Although so much had gone unheard, it was easy to see what was being said. The witnesses saw physiological changes take place in the dying man. As the family was all bent around the old man praying, he began to deep breather, become calm, and welcome the next world. After he passed, the medical staff found out the family was catholic, and that they all agreed that it was good, the way he passed.

Another note, it was said at this meeting that teamwork involves: doctors, nurses,and chaplaincy.

The other night I saw on TV an advertisement to fly out to northern Arkansas, to stay free for a couple of days to check out a new community that is "peaceful, pristine, and close to nature". Reminded me of the Ozarks, the way it was advertised and the location.

This weekend I woke up early Saturday and decided to have a bowl of cereal in bed, and watch cartoons. As I was flipping through the channels, the evangelist channel caught me dead in my tracks. There was this wierd puppet show that was called "Little Angels", I think. It was all about the scripture and God's message, and how we should live, geared to a young audience. It was so third rate (the quality and stuff) that it seriously freaked me out. After that show, another kids show came on, "Colby's Clubhouse", I believe. This was of girls and boys dancing, singing, and telling stories of Christ.

So in conclusion, I have really been noticing lately religion's omnipresence. It is totally blowing my mind. How about yours?


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