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Tuesday, March 21, 2006


sO I liked the article The Belief Trap, and think others should read it too! I also like Eck, and think that her book is a good start to learning more about others, as I think this is her main purpose - to educate, as can be clearly seen in her quote (on page 296) "After all, the first response to difference is often suspicion and fear. Fear of the unknown is not so astonishing, especially in a country where we have done so little to make the cultural and religious traditions of the world better known and understood". Without education, there is prejudice. She thourougly explains the religious practices of some of the more "unusual" religions in American society, and was sure to throw in some examples of what can happen when there is little understanding (all of those horrific hate crimes she cites). Her book is one I would recommend to those living out in the sticks and who are unaware of the changes afoot in America, and are still living with the old ideals (anti - immigration, etc). For these "type"- its a "must read"!

Oh and PS - Please forgive my bad spelling.


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