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Thursday, March 02, 2006


So i just have a few ideas i am going to post, nothing special, just some things i have been jotting down and meaning to get out there to the world.. or atleast whoever is reading this.

Some things to contemplate:

-Why aren't there any regulations as to who goes to third world countries in an attempt to recruit new people to their religion? I mean, missionaries, shouldn't that be more fair, from a global standpoint, not just to have christian missionaries (and I am only saying Christian, because that's the only religion I have ever heard of as having missionaries)? It just seems like its a free for all, and christians are the dominators.

-What if religion teaching stated that people of other faiths are going to "hell", and therefore you can not associate with them, they are "evil" -- If this were to happen, could people break the mold -- break away from the very teachings of their religion and say "no"? Can a person go against his/her religion, against their "God", to become pluralistic? If the answer is no, which I might think is very possible, as religion is the end all be all to some people. Think about this, this could be a very scary situation if it ever were to happen, it would mean no opportunity whatsoever for pluralism and peace to ever exist.

- What would Jesus think of all "his people" questioning religion and religious diversity if Jesus really were the messiah? Because there are so many religions and Gods, all claiming they are true - would this be grounds to argue that all religious beliefs are false - from an outsider's perspective??

-Eck really explicitly explains how she involves herself in the rituals of the temples she attends, as though giving us a pointer, suggestion. When we go - we should do the same - is the message it seems like shes trying to deliver. But I wonder, did she learn the meaning of what she was doing before she did it? Or began by doing it mindlessly/heartlessly?

-How beautiful the idea of mixing the Ganges and the American rivers!!

-How do you feel about this quote - "A lifelong Methodist, I found myself touching the feet of each of these images in reverence". Should she be revering these images, when they are not of her religion? Is this morally okay?


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